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In this Green Tea Recipes page we talk about smoothies to matcha-dusted chocolate truffles to Japanese “tea soup,” these are the top ten green tea recipes on About.com.


Iced Green Tea Latte Recipes

Green Tea Recipes Add Rum to Taste for a Delicious Tea CocktailLindsey Goodwin’s green tea recipes

This Matcha Latte Green Tea Recipe can be prepared with milk or soymilkand can be spiked with rum for an unusual blended cocktail. These Green Tea Recipes  are a summery alternative to hot tea and a healthier alternative to most iced lattes.


Green Tea Recipes

Strawberry Iced GreenTea Recipe

Green Tea Recipes An image of Strawberry Sencha Fresca served in a Mason jar.Marko Goodwin

This iced tea-inspired variation on agua fresca includes sencha Japanese green tea, lemon juice, fresh mint, honey and blended strawberries. Try these green tea recipes in the summer when the weather is hot and the strawberries are ripe.


Matcha Green Tea Recipes (Smoothie)

Green Tea Recipes Matcha Green Tea Smooothie made with banana and coconut milk.Marko Goodwin
This tea smoothie recipe is healthy and easy to make thanks to its most flavorful ingredient – powdered matcha green tea. If you’re new to green tea, try a Berry Green Tea Smoothie or Green Tea Fruit Smoothie instead.

Moroccan Mint Green Tea Recipes

Classic Moroccan Mint green tea is a blend of Gunpowder Green Tea (usually from China) and spearmint leaves. It’s usually served hot and sweet, but it also makes a great iced or unsweetened tea.


Green Tea Vodka Recipes

Green Tea Recipes Green Tea Vodka and the Yuzu Sencha tealeaves used to infuse it.Lindsey Goodwin

Green tea recipes with vodka can be sipped on its own or used as a base for tea cocktails. Either way, it’s a slightly healthier way to consume liquor.


Green Tea Recipes & Sake Punch

JGreen Tea Recipes apanese Sake Tea PunchLindsey Goodwin

This tea punch recipe blends Japanese sake, Japanese kukicha green tea, cucumber and fresh mint into one refreshing, alcoholic green tea drink.


Matcha Green Tea Chocolate Truffles Recipes

This decadent recipe for green tea chocolate truffles is made with matcha powder and white chocolate.


Green Tea Cake Recipes

Green Tea Recipes green tea cake with sliced, fresh strawberries.Lindsey Goodwin
This healthy green tea cake recipe can be made with Matcha or with any other type of powdered green tea (such as powdered Sencha or powdered Bancha). Serve it with sliced fresh fruit or buttercream icing and, of course, a pot of green tea.


Top 10 Green Tea Recipes – Coffee / Tea – About.com


Explore top green tea recipes, such as matcha smoothies,



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